Cuski and Great Swandoodle Gift Set


Choose from any Award Winning Original Cuski & any Cuski Great Swandoodle for £30 only (RRP £36.98)
Fabulous baby gifts and essentials!

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Cuski is a super-soft comforter designed to soothe, calm and reassure you and your baby. Cuski is the natural alternative for parents who do not want their baby to use dummies or other sleeping aids. *Research has shown that babies with comforters are much happier and more secure as they progress through certain milestones in their lives. Babies at about nine months old often become very clingy to mum as they realise they are individuals and not part of their mothers. A comforter seems to help with this transition.

Introducing The Great Swandoodle – the largest (140 x 140 cm) Multi-Use luxury bamboo muslin. This is the Creme De La Creme of all muslin shawls.

Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable, The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:
Baby shawl
Baby swaddle
Baby essential
A must-have for car, train or air journeys as light cover
Light enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travelling
Modesty cover while nursing
And is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling…!
Size: 55 inches x 55 inches ~ 140 cm x 140 cm
Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine to become the softest swan on the block!
Bamboo is like cashmere and will shrink if washed too hot!
Bamboo rayon has anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for baby and temperature regulating properties, it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Beneficial to sensitive skin. Made for all year round use.


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